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15 Tuesday 05th of July 2005 – Anna Bernasek get a summary Layers of risk hide the true picture
Anna Bernasek, in New York, warns of the dangers of leveraging without disclosure in the booming hedge funds industry. When the Long Term Capital Management hedge fund was sinking in 1998, leaders of the Federal Reserve were worried. They feared that if the fund failed, a major disruption could be set off in financial markets. Indeed, that worry was the impetus for the hastily arranged bail-out of the fund. Since then, the financial system hasn’t faced a similar test.


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Saturday 04th of September 1999 – Anna Bernasek NEW YORK get a summary Macfarlane enters deepest vault of power.¬†At the end of August, at Jackson Hole in Wyoming, a select group of the world’s most powerful decision-makers flew in and gathered at a conference hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. Every year the guest list is kept to around 100 or so of the world’s most important central bank governors, top policy officials, brightest academics and Wall Street heavies.

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